The reform of the higher education  in Poland was a starting point for determining anew the strategic goals and directions of development of the University. It was also an impulse for mapping the current situation and reviewing the fundamental documents, including the Mission and Strategy.

On 20 March 2014 the Senate of the University adopted the “The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University Mission and Strategy for the years 2014-2020” (cf. the text of the document)
The mission of the UKSW is based on two foundations

The UKSW is a public university, and as such is a vital link of the public system of science and higher education in Poland. We see our Homeland as the superior common good of all citizens and we want to bring in our contribution to it according to our capabilities. We also respect the national legal regulations. The UKSW is an active participant of the assessment process of its scientific and teaching activity carried out by the organs of the public administration.

The UKSW is a Catholic university due to its roots and current mission. We declare our attachment to the teaching of the Catholic Church and to the universal values of which it is the keeper. Scientific research and teaching are a part of the thousand years of global tradition of Catholic Universities. Thus, the University  shows particular concern about the ethical values and respect for humanity, but at the same time is open to working with students and scientists of other views.

The UKSW Strategy

Determines the vision of “a harmonious development of the University in the scope of teaching and educating the best students and graduates, planning and conducting scientific research of world class quality” in relation to the social and economic needs of the Mazovia Region, Poland and Europe

The UKSW considers the following directions and areas of scientific research, training of academic staff and students as a priority:
  • Expanding the knowledge about God, about the relationship between God and Man, Man as a religious being; development of a personalistic and transcendental vision of the world
  • Research on religion and its significance to the individual, social and international life, as well as the role and position of Christianity, especially the Catholic Church in Poland and in the world interreligious dialogue
  • The value of Man, the personal dignity of Man, integral growth of Man; promotion and protection of human life right from its beginning, through assuring a decent life standard until natural death and  decent health care
  • Man and his individual, social, cultural, national and human identity
  • Man as a social being: promotion and protection of marriage as a relationship of woman and man, promotion and protection of the family as a community of persons based on marriage; marriage and family as the foundation of the society
  • Protection of Man against social exclusion, discrimination, care for the poor, lonely and the disabled
  • Language as the heart of human communication the value of word and truth in interpersonal and social communication; language diversity; language as the key element and carrier of culture
  • Man as the subject of culture: human creation in various dimensions and its potential for developing culture; historical and cultural heritage of Man, identity of Poles and tercivilizational dialogue
  • Man and his environment: the natural environment and its impact on human life as well as the impact of human activity on the environment, climate changes, environmental menaces to human life and health
  • Getting to know the world by Man, in particular the biological, physical and chemical processes in place in the world and universe
  • Man faced with changes in technology and the growing role of IT
  • Man and the common good: marriage – family – society (nation) – humanity as the environment for life and growth of Man; attitude of Man towards the common good: respect of ownership, honesty in business, respecting the social responsibilities of Man
  • The nation and the state as the common good; the state as the fulfilment of human potential; the common good in the global world


 Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw
Dewajtis 5, 01-815 Warsaw
Head Office, phone: +48225618852

Taxpayer’s Identification Number (NIP): 525-00-12-946
Statistical number (REGON): 000001956

Bank account: Santander Bank SA
IBAN: PL87 1090 2851 0000 0001 2031 4629



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