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University Feast Day. Grateful for Alma Mater

The presentation of state decorations and awards of the UKSW Rector for scientific achievements were the main point of the central day of the University Feast celebrations.

The main celebrations of this year’s UKSW Festival took place in a joyful atmosphere and in beautiful weather. The Schuman Hall on the Wóycickiego campus was filled with representatives of state and local authorities, rectors of Warsaw universities and the academic community of our University: authorities, academic lecturers, administrative staff, students, and doctoral students.

Rev. Professor Ryszard Czekalski, Ph.D, DSc

In his opening speech, Rev. prof. Ryszard Czekalski, PhD, DSc, Rector of UKSW, thanked the academic community for their involvement in “all aspects of our University’s activities.”

“It is thanks to all of us and each individually that our University is developing very well in the Polish and international academic setting. Thanks to the commitment and efforts of many people, one of the best, and certainly unique University in Poland was created. This is evidenced by the fact that UKSW now has 42 authorizations to confer postdoctoral and doctoral degrees, while not long ago there were only 24 authorizations in total. There is no scientific category in UKSW that would not hold doctoral and postdoctoral rights. This is really our great achievement, worth noting,” stressed Rev. prof. Ryszard Czekalski, PhD, DSc.

Today, apart from developing the research and scientific potential and improving the quality of education, our community is facing another important task, namely the further development of a modern infrastructure. The UKSW Rector, speaking about the recently opened Multidisciplinary Research Centre in Dziekanów Leśny, presented plans concerning the development of the site acquired last academic year in the central part of the Wóycickiego campus. It is meant to host a facility for students of legal and medical sciences as well as facilities for a growing library, and a television and radio lab. Besides, to replace the demolished old building No. 16, a modern Medical Simulation Centre with Collegium Anatomicum for students of the Faculty of Medicine. Collegium Medicum is to be built. At the same time, the Rector stressed that “on our own, within our own budget, we are not able to bear this huge investment burden,” and therefore asked public authorities for support.

Schuman Hall during the celebration of the University Feast Day

“We have a lot of ideas and I am convinced that they will be implemented in the near future,” said Rev. Prof. Ryszard Czekalski PhD, DSc, emphasizing that “the centre of university life, which is already the Wóycickiego campus, thanks to further support from public authorities, will become a showcase of UKSW as a young but dynamic university with modern infrastructure.”

The feast day, as the Rector stated, is always thanksgiving. “Therefore, we – members of the academic community of UKSW – give thanks for our University, for our Mother, especially today, when we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Today we thank all those who co-create this unique home – academics, administrative staff, doctoral students, students. We thank all those who enter this house and are not just guests, but cohabitants,” he concluded.

Jubilee of the Grand Chancellor

Choral Plurimos annos and fanfares sounded in the Schuman Hall in honour of Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Metropolitan of Warsaw, Grand Chancellor of UKSW ecclesiastical faculties, and a great Jubilarian. A few days ago he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his priestly ordination as well as the 35th anniversary of his episcopal ordination.

“Thank you for your great support for our University, for your quiet, extremely prudent care, and assistance in various matters. We can always count on our Grand Chancellor” – emphasized Rev. Prof. Czekalski, PhD, DSc.

Prof. Wojciech Kudyba, PhD, DSc

On the occasion of UKSW Day, the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, sent to our community a letter that was read by Minister Grażyna Ignaczak-Bandych, head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. “I know that within these walls, the independence of thought serving an objective description of reality is one of the skills nurtured, deepened, and most highly valued,” wrote the President.

Minister Grażyna Ignaczak-Bandych, on behalf of Polish President Andrzej Duda, presented state decorations to a dozen lecturers of our University – gold, silver, and bronze crosses of merit in the field of science (see list of persons below).

Prof. Elżbieta Karska, PhD, DSc

Rector’s Awards

For the third time, during a University Feast Day, the Scientific Awards of the Rector of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University for outstanding scientific activity were presented. The Special Award for lifetime scientific achievements was given to prof. Jan Zabłocki, PhD, DSc of the Faculty of Law and Administration. The First Degree Award was given to prof. Elżbieta Karska, PhD, DSc of the UKSW Faculty of Law and Administration. The Second Degree Award went to prof. Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska, PhD, DSc of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy, and the Third Degree Award was given to Rev. Rafał Leśniczak, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Theology.

Rev. prof. Roman Bartnicki, PhD, DSc

Rev. prof. Ryszard Czekalski, PhD, DSc also presented Rev. prof. Roman Bartnicki, PhD, DSc, Rector of the ATK/UKSW in the years 1996-2005, the book “Wdzięczny Bogu i ludziom. Moje wspomnienia”, published by the UKSW publishing house.

During the ceremony, invited guests addressed many warm words to our community. “UKSW builds  spiritual power among its graduates, for which I would like to thank you very much,” said Deputy Prime Minister Henryk Kowalczyk. “Graduates are not only superbly prepared professionals, but also people who are not afraid to voice their views, have strong backbones, and are able to present Christian views in a difficult world. They are also sensitive to the needs of others.

The Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor, expressed his appreciation for the achievements of our University in a letter. “I am pleased that by seeking Truth through science, spreading Christian ideals and building an academic community, you are preparing the intellectual elite of the state and the Church,” he wrote.

Elżbieta Lanc, member of the board of the Mazovian Voivodeship

Elżbieta Lanc, a member of the board of the Mazovian Voivodeship, said she was proud of “what is happening at UKSW. These are beautiful teaching, research, and scientific successes.” She also wished us “many benefactors” who will support the University in the implementation of plans related to the development of our University.

Representatives of the student government of our Alma Mater – Aleksandra Radwańska, chairwoman of the UKSW Student Government, and Mariola Pirek, chairwoman of the UKSW Doctoral Student Government – recalled in their speeches the figure of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski as an inspiration to get involved in the affairs of the University and take responsibility for the duties assumed. After the ceremony in the Schuman Hall, the celebration continued at a picnic held next to the square of the former MarcPol building, where grass is now growing instead of the ruins disfiguring the campus.

After the ceremony in the Schuman Hall, the celebrations continued at a picnic, which took place next to the square of the former MarcPol building, where instead of the ruins defacing the campus grass is growing.

Presidential decorations were awarded to:

Silver Cross of Merit: Grzegorz Embros, PhD; Krassimira Ilieva-Makulec, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Prof. Wojciech Kudyba, PhD, DSc; Magdalena Łaptaś; PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Prof. Kazimierz Pawłowski, PhD, DSc,

Bronze Cross of Merit: Maria Małgorzata Boużyk, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor;  Rev. Włodzimierz Stanisław Gałązka, PhD; Rev. Rafał Jerzy Leśniczak, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Tomasz Rowiński, PhD, Associate Professor; Rev. Ryszard F. Sadowski, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Jan Sandner, PhD, Associate Professor.

Gold Medal for Long Service: Paweł Boniecki, Monika Bukacińska, PhD; Dariusz Bukaciński, PhD; Elżbieta Giedroić, Rev. prof. Leon Nieścior, PhD, DSc; Izabella Olejniczak, PhD; Maria Sroczyńska, PhD, DSc; Sławomir Ślaski, PhD, Associate Professor; Prof. Janusz Zbigniew Uchmanski, PhD, DSc.

Silver Medal for Long Service: Rev. prof. Krzysztof Bardski, PhD, DSc; Katarzyna Boguś, Prof. Anna Czajka-Cunico, PhD, DSc; Martyna Kawińska, PhD.

Bronze Medal for Long Service: Krzysztof Cebul, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Barbara Strzałkowska, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor.

26 May 2023