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Safe University

Important information regarding the safety and security of our University.

Contact with emergency services:

112 – Emergency

999 – Ambulance

998 – Fire

997 – Police

If you witness a situation of direct threat to health or life or a failure on the premises of the University, send a report to the following e-mail address:

In the Contact tab there are phone numbers to the University Guard.

In the module: first aid, there is a list of people trained in first aid and a list of places where first aid kits are located.

The facilities of our University are also equipped with the following emergency equipment located in visible:

  • instructions on what to do in case of fire,
  • evacuation plans,
  • instructions to be followed in the event of an accident.

In lecture, exercise and conference rooms, there are regulations for teaching rooms along with the following:

  • emergency numbers for rescue services,
  • contact number for the security of a given facility,
  • a list of rooms where first aid kits are located.