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Rental of lecture halls and rooms

Information on rental spaces is provided by the UKSW Administration and Economic Department.

UKSW has a rich infrastructure, including didactic, multimedia and exercise rooms that can be rented. The largest of them are the Schuman Concert Hall on the Wóycickiego campus and the John Paul II Assembly Hall on the Dewajtis campus. The first one is intended for 500 listeners, the second for 317 people.

In addition, we have over 50 laboratories (including a hydrobiology, microscopy, anthropology laboratory) in the Mazowieckie Laboratory Center for Natural Sciences and a large, multifunctional Sports Hall. It is a three-story building with an area of 1,000 square meters, with an auditorium for over 230 seats, including for the disabled. The facility also has a fitness room and a gym with equipment. The rooms are rented to organize meetings, sports competitions, seminars, conferences or business workshops.

More information about renting a lecture hall, hall or other room at UKSW on the website of the Administration and Economic Department.