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Central Printing System

The Central Printing System (CW) streamlines print management by integration of multifunctional devices. With the improvement of their availability, not only University staff but also students, PhD students and postgraduate students can make prints/copies/scans using the machines available in corridors of the University’s buildings.

In order to use the CW system equipment, students/PhD students must have an Electronic Student ID (ELS) or Electronic PhD Student ID (ELD) issued by UKSW. Postgraduate students need a study participant sheet issued by the University.

Terms and Conditions of the Central Printing System (ref.)

How to use the printing options

To use the printing options, you need cash in your individual CW system account:

Students, PhD students and postgraduate students transfer money for prints to their account using the CW system administration panel via an electronic payment operator’s system. You can top up your account within the range from the minimum amount of 1 PLN (one Polish zloty) to the maximum of 100 PLN (one hundred Polish zlotys). All the cash you pay to your CW account should be used during the period of your study cycle. 

How to top up your CW account?

  • Log on to using your user information from USOSweb.
  • You can only access the log-in page from the UKSW network, including WiFi.
  • Select “deposit money” from the desktop, enter the amount you want to transfer and select the payment method.

Account top-up instructions

For mobile printing of a document:

  • From a private device: send your document as an attachment to the dedicated inbox:,
  • from a PC logged on to UKSW domain, choosing the right printer among those defined in the printing panel,
  • from USB connected to your device.

You can pick up your print, photocopy or scan at any multifunctional device located in the corridor of a University building (see a list of printer locations), upon authentication with your access card.

Documents scanned in a multifunctional device are e-mailed by the device to the inbox specified by the user or to USB storage media connected to the user’s device.