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Institute of Sociological Sciences

The Institute operates at the Faculty of Socio-Economics of UKSW.

Sociological research at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University has a tradition of more than half a century. Already in 1968, a research department and a specialization in the sociology of religion were established at the ATK.

The result of many years of activity of the sociological community at UKSW is a high level of education, innovativeness of research and recognition in the Polish sociological environment.

The unit conducts research in the field of general sociology, work, religion, family, law and social pathology, education and upbringing, culture as well as public opinion and market research, the subject of which is the structure and functioning of all communities, social groups, organizations and institutions. UKSW sociologists analyze phenomena and processes covering the entire social reality, social facts, actions and behaviors of people, their views, attitudes and beliefs, needs, aspirations and moods.

At the research and didactic level, the Institute of Sociology cooperates with

Central Statistical Office and the Institute of Statistics of the Catholic Church.


UKSW Institute of Sociological Sciences

1/3 Wóciciego Street, building 23, room 228

01-938 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 569 68 58


Rev. Dr. Artur Wysocki, UKSW professor