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Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences

Institute of Biological Sciences
Professor Jacek Tomczyk

Faculty of Christian Philosophy

Institute of Philosophy
Fr. Dr. Ryszard Sadowski, UKSW professor

Institute of Psychology
Dr. Jan Cieciuch, UKSW professor

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. School of Science

Institute of Mathematics
Dr. Marek Grochowski, UKSW professor

Institute of Computer Science
Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Trojanowski, UKSW professor

Institute of Physical Sciences
Dr. Agata Kamińska, UKSW professor

Institute of Chemical Sciences
Dr. Eng. Iwona Flis-Kabulska, UKSW professor

Medical Faculty. Collegium Medicum

Institute of Medical Sciences
Dr. Filip M. Szymański, M.D., UKSW professor

Faculty of Historical Sciences

Institute of History
Fr. Professor Wojciech Zawadzki

Institute of Archeology
Dr. Fabian Welc, UKSW professor

Institute of Art History
Prof.  Czesław Grajewski

Faculty of Humanities

Institute of Linguistics
Dr. Anna Kozłowska, UKSW professor

Institute of Literary Studies
Dr. Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska, UKSW professor

Institute of Studies on Culture and Religion
Dr. Małgorzata Wrześniak, UKSW professor

Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences

Institute of Pedagogy
Fr. Professor Jarosław Michalski

Faculty of Law and Administration

Institute of Legal Sciences
Dr. Artur Kotowski, UKSW professor

Faculty of Canon Law

Institute of Canon Law
Fr. Dr. Tomasz Białobrzeski, UKSW professor

Faculty of Socio-Economics

Institute of Political and Administration Sciences
Prof. Radosław Zenderowski

Institute of Sociological Sciences
Fr. Dr. Artur Wysocki, UKSW professor

Institute of Economics and Finance
Dr. Adam Koronowski, UKSW professor

Faculty of Theology

Institute of Theological Sciences
Fr. Dr. Tomasz Wielebski, UKSW professor

Institute of Media Education and Journalism
Dr. Grzegorz Łęcicki, UKSW professor

The tasks of directors of institutes include, among others: managing the work of the institute – taking responsibility for the quality of scientific activity in a given discipline aiming at obtaining the A+, A or B+ category in the evaluation of the quality of scientific activity, compliance with the timely implementation of recommendations regulated by internal and external legal acts. Their duties also include submitting an annual report on the effects of the institute’s scientific activity to the dean.