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Basic information

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw is a public university. Therefore, it offers free full-time studies. This rule does not apply to part-time studies for which tuition fees are charged.

At full-time studies, classes are held during the day, from Monday to Friday. These courses of study are free at all the Faculties of UKSW.

Part-time studies are extramural studies where classes are held at weekend meetings (including Fridays at certain faculties). The faculty of Medicine is an exception – classes are held during the week. Part-time studies at UKSW are paid.


Anyone who wants to start a first-cycle, second-cycle or long-cycle course of study, or to start the Doctoral School at UKSW.


They usually start in June. We present a detailed schedule at the University’s home page each year, usually in May.

You can apply to study in more than one field simultaneously. There are no limits in place.

Yes, you can change your study field by the last day of the registration process.

The most popular fields of study in the 2021/2022 admissions were the following: Medicine, Psychology, Economy, International Relations, Sociology, Law, Information Sciences. For more information, go to the Candidates page, Admission Statistics tab.

Documents and fees

In this case, only the matura exam results are registered. Additional qualification interviews are held for selected fields of study only (e.g. Journalism and Social Communications).

If you register before receiving your high school graduation certificate, you only need to enter the year in which you took the final exam. You will add the document number later when you receive your certificate (this usually happens by the end of June/early July).

You need to enter your matura results yourself. They will be included in your application for admission. IRK will download the results from KReM to calculate the candidates’ results in the admission procedure and to create ranking lists on this basis. The results retrieved from KReM will not be presented on the candidate’s application.

You only need to check those subjects which are required for determination of your application score and enter their results in the system.

IRK requires that you select and check the subjects you took at the high school graduation exam. Leave the result at nil until you receive your graduation certificate. When the results are known, you will need to add them to your IRK account.

Unfortunately, you cannot replace any of the subjects listed as the application criteria.


You need to make the payment when you have registered in the system. This is a prerequisite for being approved for the admission procedure.

The application fee is PLN 85 for each field of study. Journalism and Social Communication is an exception: PLN 100.


To pay the application fee, you can either order a transfer at a bank, at a post office, or transfer the money online and print a confirmation afterwards.

The system will allocate the fees in the order of course selection. When the fees are posted to IRK, you will see a message “application fee has been paid” under your fields of study. You can then allocate the fees according to your preferences. To do this, go to the account home page and click “Fees” in “My Fields of Study” panel.

You can apply for reimbursement of your application fee only in the following situations:

  1. invalid registration (late payment of application fee),
  2. registration for fewer fields than covered by the payment (excess payment is reimbursed),
  3. no registration for any field of study,
  4. when the available limit in part-time studies has been reached,
  5. absence at the entrance exam (justified and documented).

Download an Application Fee Reimbursement Form.

Send a printed reimbursement form to the address of the Admissions Office by 29 October, 2022 at the latest.

Candidates with disabilities

Important information for persons with disabilities who are willing to study at our University.

University without barriers

There is an Office for Persons with Disabilities (BON) at our University, with the aim of offering students with disabilities suitable conditions to enable them to fully participate in the study process and in research projects. 

The staff at the Office for Persons with Disabilities will handle all matters related to the study conditions for persons with disabilities at UKSW. The Office offers support with individual course organization, free counseling, sign language interpreter’s service, and grants for disabled persons. Moreover, the Office organizes workshops and training courses. 

For more information, go to:

Admissions for candidates with disabilities

Candidates with disabilities are subject to the same admissions procedure as everyone willing to study at UKSW. They register in the online registration system for candidates (IRK) and pay the application fee for their application(s) to specific field(s) of study or specialization(s), in full-time and part-time study programs separately.

If the candidate’s disability prevents or hinders their participation in the application procedure, the admissions committee will determine the procedure, in coordination with the Chancellor in charge of admissions and the Head of the Office for Persons with Disabilities. 

Candidates who are interested in adaptation of the application procedure to their individual needs arising from their disabilities should contact the head of BON.

Information about documents

Candidates do not present a disability certificate/ruling at the time of submission of application documents by admissions committees at the specific Faculties or by Dean Office staff. 

You should present a copy of that document (with the original available for review) together with the survey available at: during the registration process at the Office for Persons with Disabilities.


A student may be eligible for a grant for disabled students if they have a disability certificate (ruling), a determination of the degree of disability, or a ruling referred to in Article 5 and Article 62 of the Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons Act of 27 August, 1997. 

For more information, go to the Department for Material Aid:

Resolution No. 94/2020 of the Senate of UKSW Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw of 25 June, 2020 on the terms, procedure, start and end dates and methodology of student enrolment for first-cycle studies, long-cycle Master studies and second-cycle studies at UKSW Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw for the academic year 2021/2022