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Multidisciplinary Research Center

The Multidisciplinary Research Center performs research, development and educational tasks of an interdisciplinary nature in selected transformation areas.

The Center established in Dziekanów Leśny brings together experts in mathematical, physical, medical, technical, natural, humanistic and social sciences. The aim of the unit is to conduct research activities using digital solutions in life sciences and medicine, innovative economy or important problems of the public sector.

Strategic projects are developed at the Center based on modern infrastructural facilities and intellectual potential. We also carry out specialist orders in the field of data science, virtual reality, 3D printing, 3D scanning, prototyping and intelligent monitoring.

Experts cooperating with the unit create an innovative offer of open education, assuming improvement and raising competences in the field of civilizational digital transformation.

The activity of Center is characterized by thematic interdisciplinarity and methodological transdisciplinarity. It is based on the developed competences of research and development centers and the systematically expanded research infrastructure concentrated in laboratories.

The Multidisciplinary Research Center of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University was awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2020 in the “University of the Future” category.


UKSW Multidisciplinary Research Center

Maria Konopnicka Street 1

05-092 Dziekanów Leśny

phone: +48 22 380 43 30


Rev. Dr. Eng. Marek Muzyk