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Center for Ecology and Ecophilosophy

Centrum działa na Wydziale Filozofii Chrześcijańskiej UKSW.

The UKSW Center for Ecology and Ecophilosophy, existing since 2019, brings together the scientific staff of two faculties: Biology and Environmental Sciences and Christian Philosophy.

The Center has modern laboratories, which include, among others, the Laboratory of Invertebrates and Plants, the Laboratory of Prehistoric Anthropology, the Laboratory of Ecology and Soil Protection, and the Geological and Hydrological Laboratory and GIS.

In addition to scientific and didactic activities, the unit implements interdisciplinary consulting and educational projects. More natural laboratories and specialists from other institutes at UKSW are involved in the project implementation process.

The Center for Ecology and Ecophilosophy has its own meteorological station. In Wróble, in the Masovian Province, there is a field research center that allows development of research and scientific activities.

In turn, on the campus at Wóycickiego Street, there is also a measuring station that monitors the presence of PM2.5 and PM10 suspended particulate matter pollutants.


UKSW Center for Ecology and Ecophilosophy

1/3 Wóycickiego Street, building 23, room 211

01-938 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 569 68 05



prof. dr hab. Jacek Tomczyk