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Center for Research on Didactics of Language and Literature

The Center undertakes research in the field of detailed didactics, including teaching Polish in primary and secondary schools, teaching Polish as a foreign, second and inherited language, as well as teaching Italian, Latin and Greek.

The task of the unit is to search for new solutions for university education in the field of subjects taught at the UKSW Faculty of Humanities, with particular emphasis on the use of new technologies in education, tutoring and support for students with disabilities.

The activities of the Center are interdisciplinary. The unit brings together employees from various Institutes in the planning and implementation of new didactic solutions and research in the field of didactics and other fields of science, the aim of which is not only to improve the effectiveness of the teaching process, but also to understand this process. The fruits of the Centre’s activity effectively support the development of education that responds to the real needs of society and the environment and are involved in the process of development and promotion of knowledge, science, research and development in the field of the humanities.

The basis for the scientific reflection of the research conducted at the center is the process of teaching and learning in the field of Polish language, literature and culture, conducted both in schools and outside them, concerning Poles and foreigners. This reflection is not limited to the search for effective methods of transferring knowledge and skills, but is extended to understanding the process of acquiring them.

Activity profile:

  1. Conducting research and educational projects, organizing conferences and training in the field related to the activities of the Center.
  2. Education of students preparing for the profession of a Polish language teacher for primary and secondary schools and an Italian language teacher within the teaching specialization.
  3. Educating teachers of Polish as a foreign language.
  4. Open education for professionally active Polish language teachers organized in the form of lectures and workshops, courses and training; if necessary, also in the form of cooperation with schools and educational organizations in Poland and abroad.
  5. Coaching and tutoring for students of teaching specialization, students interested in teaching Italian, Greek and Latin.
  6. Planning and implementing activities aimed at supporting the philological education of students with disabilities.


Center for Research on Didactics of Language and Literature UKSW

5 Dewajtis Street, New Building

01-815 Warsaw


dr Karolina Zioło-Pużuk