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Institute of Political and Administration Sciences

The Institute operates at the Socio-Economic Faculty of UKSW.

The Institute of Political and Administration Sciences has been operating at UKSW since 1999. The unit consists of four departments and nine research units.

The Political and Administration Sciences of UKSW is distinguished primarily by research on the so-called soft political science, including political thought, philosophy and axiology of politics as well as political ethics. It is a nationally recognized center that studies the relationship between religion and politics, as well as political and cultural processes in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Institute is the publisher of the scientific journal “Chrześcijactwo-Świat-Polityka”. Together with other 22 political science centers in the country, the Institute also publishes the quarterly “Athenaeum”.

The Institute educates students in three majors: political science, European studies and internal security. The unit is authorized to confer the academic degree of doctor and habilitated doctor in social sciences in the field of political science.


UKSW Institute of Political and Administration Sciences

1/3 Wóyciciego Street, building 23, room 226

01-938 Warsaw

phone+48 22 569 68 16, ext. 816


Prof. Radoslaw Zenderowski