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At the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, there is a commission for the ethics of research involving human participation. Its purpose is to give opinions on research work carried out by students, doctoral students and employees.

The body gives opinions on research projects with the participation of people, in terms of their compliance with ethical principles and standards and in respect of the dignity of a human being and its fundamental rights and freedoms. The opinions issued make it possible to conduct research and publish their results in specialist journals or scientific monographs.

The Commission ensures that UKSW researchers comply with the highest ethical standards in scientific research conducted with the participation of people.

In the 2020-2024 term, the members of the Commission are:

  1. Dr. Marek Czarkowski, UKSW professor (WMCM) – Chairman,
  2. Prof.  Paweł Piątkiewicz (WMCM),
  3. Rev. Prof. Wiesław Kiwior (WPK),
  4. Dr. Marek Świerczyński, UKSW professor (WPiA),
  5. Dr. Piotr Zakrzewski (WPiA),
  6. Rev. Dr. Dariusz Pater, UKSW professor (WT),
  7. Rev. Dr. Ryszard Sadowski, UKSW professor (WFCh),
  8. Dr. Witold Starnawski, UKSW professor (WNP).