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Institute of Archeology

1493The Institute operates at the Faculty of History of UKSW.

The Institute organizes and conducts scientific activity in the field of archeology and cultural heritage management. Students are educated in the fields of archeology and cultural heritage management, and in the Doctoral School in the field of archaeology.

The UKSW Institute of Archeology has gained its reputation thanks to modern, non-invasive research methods, primarily in the field of geophysics, including GPR, magnetic method, as well as so-called laser scanning. Thanks to internships, students learn modern methods of drone documentation or photogrammetry techniques.

The Institute conducts excavations both in Poland and abroad. One of the most interesting in our country is research in medieval Teutonic castles. When it comes to foreign excavations, one of the most interesting is the research project in the Early Lusatian settlement in Kemberg, Germany, where dendrochronological research is being conducted. Another interesting project is research in the Mediterranean basin on the island of Rab, in Croatia.

Thanks to the cooperation of the UKSW Development Foundation with the Polish National Foundation, the Institute has an archaeological station in Kutaisi, Georgia.


UKSW Institute of Archeology

1/3 Wóycickiego Street, building 23, room 224

01-938 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 569 68 17



Dr. Fabian Welc, UKSW professor