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University Center for Religious Freedom Research

The Center is a general university unit of UKSW.

The UKSW University Center for Religious Freedom Research was established on the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science in 2021 as a center conducting interdisciplinary research and monitoring the observance of religious freedom in countries where this problem is most visible.

The purpose of the unit is to search for practical indications for respecting religious freedom, primarily in Poland and Europe. Scientific research on the foundations of religious freedom is conducted in the area of philosophy, theology and law, sociology, political science, pedagogical sciences and psychology.

Cooperation with the Polish Section of the Pontifical Association Aid to the Church in Need makes it possible to link the results of the research with providing specific help to people persecuted for religious, national or cultural reasons.

The main tasks of the Center include:

  • conducting scientific research in the field of religious freedom and the phenomenon of Christianophobia;
  • disseminating knowledge about the activities of state, international, social, charitable and church organizations in the field of humanitarian aid;
  • recognizing needs and formulating postulates in the field of humanitarian aid and Christianophobia;
  • advocating the defense and observance of human rights;
  • preservation of religious freedom;
  • counteracting Christianophobia;
  • disseminating knowledge about the persecution of Christians and the idea of martyrdom for faith; these activities include knowledge regarding the present day, the history of the Church and cultural heritage;
  • provision of research services;
  • organizing courses, conferences, symposiums, lectures and seminars, especially of an interdisciplinary nature in cooperation with UKSW units in Warsaw;
  • researching and promoting the Polish tradition of religious tolerance as a unique historical experience on an international scale.


UKSW University Center for Religious Freedom Research

5 Dewajtis Street
01-815 Warsaw
phone: +48 22 380 97 13


Fr .Dr. Waldemar Cisło, UKSW professor