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Institute of Literary Studies

The Institute operates at the Faculty of Humanities of UKSW.

The UKSW Institute of Literature is distinguished by research on the relationship between literature and spirituality, as well as research on emigration, as well as analysis of translations and text editing.

The employees of the Institute conduct research focusing on the history and theory of literature, methodology, aesthetics and axiology, literature for children and youth, transcultural literary studies, theater, editing, rhetoric, translation studies, and comparative studies.

Research topics undertaken by a team of Polish and Italian literary scholars and classics include, among others, issues related to the editing of old texts, electronic editing, the issues of literary breakthroughs, draft works, broadly understood comparative studies and interdisciplinarity.

The Institute of Literature consists of the departments of the History of Old Polish and Enlightenment Literature, Research on Polish Romanticism and the Works of Cyprian Norwid, Polish Literature of the Second Half of the 19th Century, European Modernism, Polish Contemporary Literature and Literary Criticism, as well as the Department of Literary Theory, the Department of Greek and Latin Literature, and the Department of Italian Literature.


Institute of Literary Studies UKSW

5 Dewajtis Street, New Building

01-815 Warsaw



Dr. Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska, UKSW professsor