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In solidarity with Ukraine

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw has launched a support network for students and employees from Ukraine.


Material support

Students from Ukraine who have:

  • Pole’s card,
  • Polish origin,
  • refugee status,
  • temporary residence permit,
  • permanent residence permit or EU long-term resident permit,
  • certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language (C1),

may apply for assistance due to a temporarily difficult life situation in connection with the current situation in Ukraine.

The application should be generated in the USOSweb system and delivered in paper form to the Material Assistance Department.

Students from Ukraine with Polish origin may be covered by health insurance entitling them to free use of health care services. More information can be found on the website of the Material Assistance Department.

Material Assistance Department

1/3 Wóycickiego Street, building 23, room 002, 003, 404

01-938 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 569 97 83, +48 22 569 68 86

The office is open: Tuesday – Friday from 8:00-16:00

Psychological help

Psychological support can be obtained by writing to the following e-mail address: or by contacting the Student Support Centre.

Student Legal Counsel of the Faculty of Law and Administration of UKSW

5 Dewajtis Street, Łącznik, room 501

01-815 Warsaw

phone: +48 223 804 320


The center is open: Monday – Friday from 8:00-15:00

Legal aid

Legal support can be obtained from the UKSW Student Legal Counsel or from employees of the Faculty of Law and Administration.

Student Legal Counsel

Student Legal Counsel of the Faculty of Law and Administration of UKSW

1/3 Wóycickiego Street, building 17, room 1765

01-938 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 569 97 30


Financial support

The UKSW Development Foundation collects donations for a special purpose – to help Ukrainian citizens who study and work at our University. The funds are distributed depending on individual needs, such as paying for housing or food.

Payments can be made to the account of Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Account number: 06 1090 1056 0000 0001 3713 2620 

Transfer title: Aid for UKSW students and employees from Ukraine

Language course

Online course “How to teach Polish as a foreign language to Ukrainian refugees? Short Online Course”

The Faculty of Humanities invites students and employees to a free, short online course for volunteers, teachers and anyone who wants to teach Polish as a foreign language to refugees, who wants to help their future Ukrainian neighbors and their children.

More information on the website of the Faculty of Humanities of UKSW.