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Institute of Culture and Religious Sciences

The Institute of Culture and Religious Sciences conducts research activities at the Faculty of Humanities of UKSW.

Established in 2019, the Institute of Culture and Religious Sciences is the successor of the Institute of Classical Philology and Cultural Studies at UKSW.

The Institute conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of cultural studies, museology and culture management.

The Institute consists of five departments: History of Culture and Museology, Culture of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Intersemiotic Poetics and Comparative Media Studies, Theory of Culture and Interculturality, and Cultural Management.

Researchers conduct research on the culture-forming role of art and museums in the past and today. They also analyze changes and theory of culture, anthropology of history and culture, cultural communication, changes in customs and methodology of research on contemporary cultural phenomena.

The main directions of research of the unit are also the poetics and semiotics of texts of contemporary culture, narrative strategies in artistic texts of culture, the aesthetics of the collective imagination, interdisciplinary categories of cultural studies, or intermedia relations, especially in the areas of literature, film, theater. UKSW cultural experts analyze the problems of adaptation, as well as the philosophy and theory of culture, the history of knowledge about culture and cultures, the history of concepts, the methodology of studying cultures and their interdisciplinarity, as well as the foundations of dialogue and its varieties.

The Institute publishes the magazines “Zakład Kulturoznawczy” and scientific series: “Biblioteka Załącznika Kulturoznawczego”, “Biblioteka Kultury Polskiej / Projekt Przekładu Międzykulturowego”, “Prace Katedry Poetyki Intersemiotycznej i Komparystyki Mediów”, a także serie “Rzeczy Piękne” oraz “W stronę międzykulturowości”.


Institute of Studies on Culture and Religion UKSW

Institute of Studies on Culture and Religion UKSW

5 Dewajtis Street, New Building

01-815 Warsaw

FB page: @InstytutNoKiR


Dr. Małgorzata Wrześniak, UKSW professor