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Institute of Canon Law

The Institute operates at the Faculty of Canon Law of UKSW.

The UKSW Institute of Canon Law conducts research on many important issues of canon law.

The research areas undertaken at the Institute include the church system, marriage law, substantive and procedural criminal law, church-state relations, as well as theory and history of law.

Many research projects include comparative work, e.g. in relation to state law. Hence, the research conducted by the Institute is interdisciplinary in nature, referring to knowledge in the field of Polish law, Church history or theological sciences.

The unit cooperates internationally with other departments and institutes of canon law through the exchange of professors and research experience and the organization of scientific symposiums.


Institute of Canon Law UKSW

5 Dewajtis Street, Old Building

01-815 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 561 88 12


Rev. Dr. Tomasz Białobrzeski, UKSW professor