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Rector of UKSW, Fr. Professor Ryszard Czekalski appointed new deans on 1 September 2020.

These functions are performed by:

Dr. Jerzy Romanowski, USKW professor
Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences
Fr. Dr. Maciej Bała, USKW professor
Faculty of Christian Philosophy
Dr. Jerzy Cytowski, USKW professor
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. School of Exact Sciences
Dr. Filip M. Szymański, M.D., USKW professor
Faculty of Medical Science. Collegium Medicum
Fr. prof. Dr. Waldemar Graczyk
Faculty of History
Dr. Dorota Kielak, USKW professor
Faculty of Humanities
Fr. Dr. Stanisław Chrobak, USKW professor
Faculty of Education
Dr. Bogumił Szmulik, USKW professor
Faculty of Law and Administration
Fr. Dr. Dariusz Borek, USKW professor
Faculty of Canon Law
Dr. Michał Gierycz, USKW professor
Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences
Fr. Professor Mieczysław Ozorowski
Faculty of Family Studies
Fr. Professor Piotr Tomasik
Faculty of Theology

Deans manage the activities of faculties and represent them outside. In addition, deans are superiors of employees and students of the faculty.

The tasks of the deans include coordination, supervision over the didactic and research activities of the faculty, student affairs and cooperation with the faculty self-government, as well as employee, economic and financial matters.

The deans of the Church Faculties: Theology, Canon Law, Christian Philosophy and Family Studies were accepted by the Grand Chancellor Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Metropolitan Archbishop of Warsaw.

The term of office of the deans lasts until 31 August 2024.