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UKSW students can apply for the following scholarships: social, rector’s, for the disabled and for emergency aid.

The Rector’s Scholarship

Students of UKSW with very good academic results, artistic achievements or exceptional sports results in international or national competitions can apply for the scholarship.

You can apply for a scholarship after completing the first year of study. The exception are students who have won scientific or sports olympiads.

Social scholarship

Students in a difficult financial situation are entitled to a social scholarship. The income threshold in the student’s family that qualifies for its this scholarship is PLN 1,051.70.

Persons who permanently reside 60 km or more from Warsaw and rent an apartment, room or dormitory in Warsaw are entitled to a social scholarship in an increased amount. However, this should be certified, e.g. with a copy of the lease agreement, a certificate from the dormitory, a statement from the owner of the apartment.

Emergency aid

A student who finds himself in a difficult life situation may apply for the emergency aid. In particular, this applies to situations such as the death of a close family member, illness or detriment to a student’s health, or a natural disaster.

Scholarship for people with disabilities

The scholarship is available to students who have a certificate of disability or a certificate of the degree of disability.

More information (applications, deadlines) on the website of the Material Assistance Department.