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Santander Universidades

Scholarships, training and workshops for students and employees of the University.

Cooperation of UKSW with Santander Universidades opens up new development opportunities for both students and employees of the University. Scholarships, training and workshops offered by Santander Universidades allow you to gain competencies and certificates valued on the labor market.

Science, Development and Competences project with Santander Bank Polska S.A.

Science, Development and Competences project with Santander Bank Polska S.A. includes the implementation of workshops that improve the competences and skills of the academic community.

For teaching staff, a webinar has been prepared in the field of advanced support for platforms that support remote teaching (MS Teams, Moodle), such as: class team management, resource sharing, interactive forms of cooperation with students in the field of conducted classes, as well as the possibility of creating assignments and assessment.

UKSW students, doctoral students and graduates are invited to take part in one workshop of their choice, but it is possible to sign up for more than one workshop. In the event of qualifying for more than one workshop, the participant selects it independently.

The Santander Group supports higher education

Since 2002, the Santander Group has allocated over EUR 1.8 billion to academic initiatives through the Santander Universidades program and awarded over 430,000 scholarships and grants since 2005.

Activities in the field of corporate social responsibility, including support for education and sustainable economy or counteracting gender inequality, are permanently inscribed in the bank’s strategy and are an important, integral part of the implementation of the Responsible Banking agenda at Santander Bank Polska.

Sdetailed information about the conducted workshops and trainings is also available at the e-mail address of the UKSW Student Support Center:

Santander Scholarships

In 2021, Santander Scholarships offer many interesting projects carried out with prestigious partners from abroad and the best Polish universities. The proposals will include:

  • foreign languages – online courses run by the British Council and English-language programs concerning e.g. searching for a job on the global market,
  • digital competences – intensive online courses in programming, Excel, SQL, BigData, automation, internet marketing, the use of digital tools in everyday work, etc. They will be organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Ironhack,
  • soft skills – projects implemented with the London School of Economy or Esade regarding teamwork, leadership skills, communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence,
  • entrepreneurship – training in running a business and meetings with entrepreneurs who will talk about their career path and business case studies

Global Scholarship Platform

Calls for all projects financed by the Santander Group are published on the platform It gives you the opportunity to apply for selected projects implemented not only in Poland, but also organized by Santander in Spain, Germany, Great Britain and South America.

Cooperation with over 50 universities in Poland

Together with UKSW, Santander has implemented many initiatives, including:

  • Training scholarships for students in the use of the MS Office package,
  • Scholarships for the organization of international conferences,
  • Santander Universidades Award for the best students, PhD students and UKSW employees,
  • UKSW & Santander Universidades Mobility Fund – Financial support for mobility of students, doctoral students, employees of UKSW and cooperating universities,
  • Supporting student initiatives: Belfra Gala, Student’s Day, First-year Integration Trip “Camp Zero”,
  • Support for the UKSW apprenticeship and internship program,
  • Digital Day Santander Universidades – a series of lectures by specialists from Google and Santander Bank Polska, combined with an entertainment zone.

Santander Universidades institutions cooperate with student organizations and take an active part in the life of the University. Additionally, they offer:

  • Chillout zone – if you want to relax during a break between classes, drop by and play console games with friends,
  • Meeting room – if you need a place where you can organize a meeting of members of a student organization or just study in silence with your colleagues,
  • Support in the organization of events, trainings and workshops – Do you have an idea for a cool event? Let’s talk about how we can help;
  • Modern banking services – we will show you what modern banking is and how to use it safely.

#DzielimySięWiedzą (#WeShareKnowledge)

Sharing knowledge is also an important element of educational activity. Santander Bank Polska experts take part in many training courses and workshops that take place in cooperation with universities. In 2021, it was the Santander Universidades Academy project.

More information about the Santander Universidades program 


The Santander Bank Polska branch at UKSW is located on the campus at 1/3 Wóycickiego Street, building 23.

Milena Wilska, manager of the Santander Universidades Facility – associated with the retail banking sector for six years, graduate of the University of Tourism and Recreation in Warsaw. For over two years, he has been expanding his knowledge and competences at Santander Bank Polska, which, as a result, in May 2019 resulted in a change of position to the manager of the Santander Universidades branch at UKSW. Her passion is cycling and exploring new places.

Milena Wilska

phone: +48 519 301 472 

Hanna Kruchelska, advisor at Santander Universidades – a graduate of the University of Information Technology and Administration in Warsaw, majoring in journalism and social communication. For many years associated with the sales and customer relations department. She loves admiring the mountains and exploring the farthest corners of the world, her favorite travel destination is Asia.

Hanna Kruchelska

phone: +48 727 561 494