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Jesteśmy Uniwersytetem z bogatymi tradycjami i nowoczesną infrastrukturą, który stwarza doskonałe warunki do rozwoju.

Why is it worth studying at UKSW?

Over 40 majors at 12 faculties

At our University, you can study for free in the following fields: administration, archaeology, archiving and documentation management, security in the digital economy, internal security, librarianship, biology, chemistry, Christian religious tourism, mankind in cyberspace, journalism and social communication, economics, managerial economics, European studies, classical philology, Polish philology, Italian philology, philosophy, physics, history, history of art, computer science, environmental engineering, medical major, cultural studies, mathematics, museology, family science, protection of cultural and environmental goods, environmental protection, pedagogy, preschool and early childhood education, special education, nursing, political science, social work, law, canon law, psychology, sociology, specialist theological studies, international relations and law, theology, cultural heritage management, and public management.

Effectively combining theory with practice

The University has about 50 modern research laboratories that play an important role in the practical education of students, necessary in their further career. Projects in the field of innovative solutions for the industrial sector are also created here. UKSW also has a radio and television studio, a modern Sports Hall and a passenger car simulator for research at the Institute of Psychology.

Experienced scientific staff inspires to act

The university’s lecturers are recognized experts in the scientific community, who receive prestigious awards and distinctions for their scientific and research activities every year. They are representatives of the highest state authorities, business councils and scientific bodies. UKSW professors are regularly invited to the largest Polish radio and television media.

Thriving student exchanges

UKSW students have the opportunity to go on foreign scholarships to over 150 universities in Europe under the Erasmus+ program and for domestic scholarships to over 30 universities in Poland under the MOST program.

Numerous scientific clubs and student organizations

There are 57 scientific clubs at the University, where students can pursue their passions, broaden their interests and gain new experiences. Students who want to develop their artistic talents can join the UKSW Choir operating at the university, the Academic Theater “Ale o co chodzi” and the Academic Chaplaincy.UKSW also boasts the UKSW Student Self-Government, which implements many interesting initiatives, among others, Juwenalia, Gala Belfra Roku, or integration camps for first-year students (Camp Zero, Camp Winter).

Title of the University of the Future

The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University was awarded the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2020 in the category: University of the future. The distinction was awarded to three prestigious projects conducted by UKSW scientists. This award is addressed to innovators and organizations whose way of acting and thinking influences the intelligent and sustainable development of society and the economy.