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Branches and Disciplines

Na UKSW prowadzone są badania w sześciu dziedzinach naukowych i 24 dyscyplinach naukowych.

By the decision of the Rector of UKSW, studies in the following fields and scientific disciplines are conducted at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

literary studies
culture and religion studies
art science 
Engineering and technical sciencescomputer science and telecommunications
Medical sciences and health sciencesmedical science
Social scienceseconomy and finance
science of security
science of social communication and media
science of politics and administration
science of management and quality
legal sciences
sociological sciences
canon law
Exact and natural sciencesmathematics
biological sciences
chemical sciences
physical sciences
Theological sciencestheology

The foundation of UKSW’s scientific activity is academic freedom, which is based on the freedom of scientific research and the freedom to learn. All activities of our University are focused on reflection on man as an integral personal being in all dimensions of his life.

In accordance with the “Development Strategy of UKSW” adopted by the Senate of our university, the search for truth cannot be subordinated to, or conditioned by, any particular or opportunistic political or other interests. It should be combined with the practice of individual and social life and the perception of the importance of the environment.

The strategic goal of UKSW is a high level of scientific research, in particular:

» increasing the impact of the University’s scientific activity on the development of world science »enhancement and comprehensive support for interdisciplinary research teams implementing UKSW research agendas » increasing the number of research projects obtained from external sources, including foreign ones » development of the level of scientific journals, publications published at UKSW and the knowledge base » organization and improvement of the facilities and infrastructure of the scientific process