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Ambassador of India at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

Nagma Mohamed Mallick was the guest of honor at the International Missiological Conference “John Paul II in India”.

The conference was organized by the Department of Missiology of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and the Pope John Paul II Institute, and was officially opened by the Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation, Rev. Professor Marek Stokłosa, PhD, Dsc. Vice-Rector thanked Ambassador Nagma Mohamed Mallick for her speech and for giving Indian snacks to the conference participants. The Ambassador gave the Vice-Rector a book presenting paintings painted by the first British to come to India in the 18th century.

The conference was divided into 3 thematic blocks. The first part concerned memories from the visit of the Pope John Paul II to India. This part were attended by: Indian ambassador in Poland, prof. dr. Francis Nallappan, prof. dr Pedarattaiah Gadde and Fr Harry Manuel (Provincial of the Indian Formation of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.)

The second part of the conference concerned the aspect of pilgrimage to the Church living in Asia. Dr. Tomasz Twardzilowski from the Pope John Paul II Institute presented a short description of John Paul II’s trip to India, Prof. Joanna Grela, PhD, Dsc from the Jagiellonian University tried to find the answer to the question: what are Indian religious traditions?

The third thematic block concerned meeting the reality of Asia. Rev. Sławomir Zieliński, PhD, Dsc (UŚ) talked about Jesus Christ and Indian cultures from the perspective of H.Waldenfens, J.Dupuis and M.Fedou. Rev. Wojciech Kluj, PhD from UKSW talked about John Paul II’s meeting with Hinduism, Stanisław Schabowicz (UKSW) M.A. presented the linguistic meeting of Hinduism and Christianity in India, Magdalena Jackowska (UKSW) M.A. talked about the meeting in India of John Paul II and Mother Teresa in Calcutta and Rev. Mariusz Szczepański, MA (UKSW), presented the most important assumptions of the Exhortation “Ecclesia in Asia”

04 January 2024