Przejdź do treści

Beginning of the Project Direction@UKSW Implementation

Our University is on the list of beneficiaries of the Programme Welcome to Poland! The project that aims to increase the internationalisation of UKSW through comprehensive services for international students and teaching staff received funding from NAWA.

The project includes the establishment of the Welcome Centre that will support international students and staff in the adaptation process in Poland and at the university and provide basic information to facilitate everyday life in the country. It will provide support in social and living matters as well as in official matters related to the legalisation of stay.

 – The establishment of the Welcome Center responds to the needs of our University in connection with the intensification of international activities and readiness to undertake numerous initiatives to strengthen the image of UKSW in the international arena – says Rev. Professor Marek Stokłosa, PhD, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

Other objectives of the project include developing promotional and marketing materials about our University, a system of bilingual marking, organisation of adaptation days and other events for international students, UKSW marketing campaign on foreign markets.

The National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA works for the internationalisation of Polish science by supporting and stimulating international research cooperation and academic exchange. The Agency strives to strengthen scientific excellence, internationalise Polish universities and scientific institutions, as well as to promote Poland – its language and culture in order to build the image of a country offering interesting educational and research opportunities. These goals are implemented thanks to the Agency’s wide program offer.

07 August 2023