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Wóycicki Campus – Guide

Mapa kampusu Wóycickiego miniatura

Building No. 17
Faculty of Law and Administration
  • Institute of Legal Sciences
Building No. 23
Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences
  • Institute of Biological Sciences
  • Research and Teaching Centre for Environmental Biotechnology and Bioeconomy

Faculty of Christian Philosophy

  • Institute of Philosophy
  • Institute of Psychology
  • Centre for Ecology and Ecophilosophy

Faculty of History

  • Institute of History
  • Institute of Archaeology
  • Institute of History of Art

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences

  • Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • Institute of Economics and Finance

Faculty of Family Studies

Building No. 24
Centre for Development Initiatives
Building No. 15
Faculty of Education
  • Institute of Pedagogy
Saint Joseph’s Academic Church
Building No. 25
Transport Psychology Laboratory
Building No. 14
Interdisciplinary Centre for Research on Development and Personality
Building No. 21
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. School of Exact Sciences.
  • Institute of Mathematics
  • Institute of Physical Sciences
  • Institute of Computer Sciences
  • Institute of Chemical Sciences
 Faculty of Medical Science. Collegium Medicum
  • Institute of Medical Sciences
Building No. 12
Department of Didactic Innovation, Training and Education Quality
Building No. 4
Office of the Centre for Foreign Languages
Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences Archive
Administrative and Economic Department
 Building No. 3
03 February 2022