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Visual Identification System

The basic element of Visual Identification System is the Book of Visual Identification.

The Visual Identification System of the University is a set of patterns of basic elements of the visual communication system and rules regarding their construction and use.

Detailed guidelines regarding the university’s signs (emblem, logo), subordinate faculty signs (logo), logotypes, typography and color code in various fields of use (internal and external communication) are binding for the University’s internal units and institutions and entities cooperating with it.

The assumptions of the visual system are intended to create a coherent image of UKSW, thus building awareness of a stable, reliable and modern brand. For the sake of the University’s image, it is important to maintain uniform communication standards, which is associated with the consistent application of all design guidelines contained in the book.

The basic element of the Visual Identification System is the Book of Visual Identification. This is a simplified compendium of knowledge about the visual system of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.


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