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Information on health benefits for students from Poland and foreigners.

Insurance for Poles

In order to be entitled to health care services, the student must be registered for insurance. In the case of students who are under 26 years of age, parents, legal guardians or grandparents can apply for insurance as a family member. Those who are over 26 years of age and are not covered by insurance for another title may be registered by a university or a unit conducting doctoral studies.

Additionally, you can purchase insurance dedicated to UKSW students:

Insurance for foreigners

Students who are neither Polish nor European Union citizens, but of Polish descent, may be insured by the University.

Required documents:

current passport (photocopy),

a certificate of Polish origin or a photocopy of the Karta Polaka,

a certificate from the dean’s office confirming the status of a student/doctoral student,

agreement with the National Health Fund on voluntary health insurance,

ZZA health insurance application form,

a student’s statement,

PESEL number (if assigned and a photocopy of the document).

More information (applications, deadlines) on the website of the Material Assistance Department.