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Cooperation with the local community

Graffiti jam

The local community and the representatives of the local government have been involved in various initiatives since 2012.  A gallery of Warsaw street art has been created in the scope of periodical graffiti jam. The  area surrounding the UKSW campus at the W Wóycickiego 1/3 has been an “aesthetical nightmare”, even though thousands of students, members of teaching staff and local inhabitants pass through there every day. The modernization of the developing university campus is changing its surroundings. Nevfarba plot 3ertheless, some spaces have remained unsightly. The main idea of the project was to use the wall surrounding the area of UKSW from the side of Wójcickiego street, so as to improve its aesthetic value. Artists connected to the Warsaw and Polish street art have been invited to paint the wall. On the artistic level the project is a panorama of modern street art. Workshops for students and the local community were also carried out. It was a very important part of the project, creating links between the university and the local community. The project will be continued, and other parts of the wall will be decorated in the coming years.


05 maja 2015